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Kincaid Furniture

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Kincaid Solid Wood Furniture
Shop at BLACKLION for the best deals on Kincaid FurnitureKincaid Furniture has been built, for four generations, on a philosophy to craft wooden furniture in its most natural form; using Solid Wood construction and avoiding cheaper synthetic materials.

Kincaid Furniture is Crafted in America
Kincaid Furniture utilizes its U.S. domestic manufacturing facilities to hand craft furniture. They are fortunate to have a highly skilled and dedicated group of employees in western North Carolina who take great pride in crafting Kincaid Furniture. Kincaid is commited to domestic manufacturing and believes that that is one of the things that seperates them from the competition.  Kincaid also integrates globally sourced products which enables them to offer a wide variety of styles and materials that are high quality and high value.

Kincaid Furniture Is A Serious Value
Kincaid Furniture focuses their efforts on those details that provide the greatest qualityand value to the consumer.


  • Kincaid uses a dove-tailed hardwood-on-hardwood guide that is further braced with a tilt-proof clip so that your drawers don't end up by your ankles!
  • Kincaid actually pre-drills and then screws tight many of the parting rails (the structural wood rails that create the drawer opening) in addition to the requisite use of glued mortise/tenon joinery. While this goes almost totally unnoticed, it is another reason why Kincaid Solid Wood Furniture is such a remarkable value.


Due to this manufacturer's Internet Policy, we may only quote Kincaid Furniture if you have shopped in our stores, are a current customer or live within our trading area


Does it matter to you that your dresser rests level on the ground? Is it important to you to have drawers that work well even when they are completely full of clothes? Maybe it matters to you that the parting rails that hold the case together are flush and stay that way after you move the furniture when you redecorate? If these things do matter, then you'll get along great with Kincaid Furniture!

Custom Upholstery
The same emphasis on quality and value are key in our line of soft goods. Kincaid Custom Upholstery takes those benchmarks and makes it easy to apply your tastes, your needs and your sense of style.

From the construction of the spring suspension system in the frame all the way to the fringe on the toss pillow, you can have it just the way you want it.

And what good is upholstery if it isn’t comfortable? We offer four cushion types, each paired to its own back and arm pillows, to give you the feel and look of your customized sofa or chair.

Shop for Kincaid Furniture with BLACKLIONI bet you didn’t know this...
Kincaid has its own line of Memory Foam bedding - Kinetics - that was recently recognized as an industry best by the trade publications!

Very Quick Delivery
While it is not reasonably possible to be perfectly in stock on everything all the time, we strive to have the things you want in stock or ready to be upholstered to your specifications.  We generally out-perform the furniture industry's traditional lead times.


Due to this manufacturer's Internet Policy, we may only quote Kincaid Furniture if you have shopped in our stores, are a current customer or live within our trading area


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