American Life Urban Elevation Etagere

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185.00 LBS
Hooker Furniture American Life Urban Elevation Etagere 1620-10443-LTBR

From farm-to-decor looks to rustic luxe, AMERICAN LIFE evokes a sense of community, easy living and authentic craftsmanship. Urban Elevation is a rustic luxe collection that will appeal to sophisticated professionals who want to capture the serenity of hometown charm and tranquil atmospheres wherever they live. In a smaller-scale approach, Urban Elevation is crafted of resawn Maple, waxed and luxurious, along with waxed aluminum, small nails and solid maple hardware with exposed bolts. Soft, aluminum-wrapped legs distinguish the dining table, along with metal accents on other pieces. Adding to the serene, light color palette is a white plaster accent finish on several pieces including a chest, host chair and entertainment center, providing a cool contrast with the maple finish and the maple hardware with rustic bolts.

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