ART Furniture Classics Tufted Leather Bench 202149

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35.92 LBS

ART Furniture Classics Tufted Leather Bench 202149

The Classics Collection

Leonardo da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Nowhere is this sentiment more clearly defined than within our Classics Collection.

Designed with exceptional beauty, each piece is quality crafted with heirloom intent. Classic forms adapt as your needs change.

With clean, modern lines, the Classics Collection is characterized by its simplicity, balance and purity of form. Observe the subtle bow-fronts, column pilasters, tapered legs and feet, beaded details, tufted upholstery and geometric diamond motifs.

Embellished with masterful notes, informed by timeless beauty, the Classics Collection comprises the finest materials, the cleanest lines…design that endures.


From polished satin nickel finishes, Greek-inspired round knobs and ring pulls, the Classics Collection exudes a confident glamour. The multi-step Brindle finish on flat-cut primavera veneer is enhanced with silver-leaf, stone and metal accents. Incorporating top-notch functionality in simple, uncluttered forms, classic architectural details are tastefully present in soft bow-fronts, column pilasters, tapered legs and feet. Beaded details, button-tufted upholstery and geometric diamond motifs lend a subtle sophistication.


Button-tufted leather upholstery; ideal for bedroom, pull-out trays allow for use in living room setting as well

Exceptional seating support, bicast leather, fine solids

Classics Tufted Leather Bench 202149

  • 79.2 pounds , 17.3 cubic feet 
    55 x 19.5 x 18